Brickell Miami


What’s It Like to Live in Brickell Florida?

The Brickell, FL neighborhood in Miami has become an exciting hot spot for urban living. Featuring more than fifty condo buildings, high-rise office towers, tons of fine dining and casual dining options, and more than 120 retail stores, Brickell in Miami has grown into one of the densest population spots on the East Coast.


Brickell Miami Overview

An ongoing development boom has led to good things for the Brickell community, with young professionals, transient residents, and businesses all flocking to the area to create a bright future for themselves. It seems there is a new restaurant or chic urban retailer springing up every other week.

Brickell may be Miami’s answer to the public transport, skyscrapers, and walkability of Manhattan, and it’s getting closer to that dream every year.

What can one hope to find in the bright lights of Brickell’s urban landscape? Brickell, FL features many of Miami’s tallest high-rises and is home to some of the nation’s best law firms. Sadly, you won’t find a beach in Brickell, but the gorgeous bayfront views more than make up for the loss.


The Brickell, FL Lifestyle

As of 2019, Brickell’s downtown was home to 92,000 people, but what’s driving Brickell’s growth when Miami and its beautiful beaches are so close?

An urban professional vibe has draped itself over Brickell over the last decade, with new condominiums adding to the increasingly crowded Brickell skyline. Businesses, restaurants, and bars have all flooded the area to cater to a growing cosmopolitan crowd. International travelers frequent the location to take advantage of its near-perfect year-round weather and to escape the cold.

Shopping is a favorite pastime in Brickell, Miami, but Museum Park norths of Brickell is a popular spot for music festivals. Two museums, Perez Art Museum and Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science add a touch of culture.

When you ask a Brickell resident why they chose to make the area their home, they will invariably reply because it’s a beautiful place to live, work, and play, and you don’t need a car. Brickell amenities ensure its residents are well-provided with careers and stunning views mixed with fine dining, active nightlife, and shopping to rival the neighboring surrounds.


Schools in Brickell, Florida

While young professionals and retirees are creating a life in Brickell, it’s great for families with school-aged children.

Key Point Christian Academy, a faith-based private school, enjoys high regard in the community. Likewise, Ransom Everglades School in Coconut Grove is one of the highest-rated High Schools in Florida.

Younger kids will receive an excellent education at any of Brickell’s top-rated schools, such as Coconut Grove Elementary School or Somerset Academy Charter Elementary School – South Miami.


Brickell Amenities

Simpson Park

Officially named Simpson Park Hammock, this 7.8-acre nature preserve is a small but relaxing oasis in the middle of downtown Brickell. It’s tucked between Brickell and The Roads neighborhoods and supports nine threatened and fifteen endangered plant species. Walking trails allow visitors to breathe fresh air while soaking up some nature.


Sugar is a rooftop bar offering a panoramic view of the Miami skyline and the sparkling water of Biscayne Bay. Guests can relax with their favorite cocktails in a stylish lounge immersed in a lush tropical garden. It’s a popular location, so arrive early to avoid the queues.

Salvadore Park

Miami tennis courts can be expensive, but Salvadore Park offers more affordable rates and includes an all-inclusive playground with a range of sensory equipment for kids of all ages and abilities to enjoy.

Soccer Rooftop

Practice your dribbling skills on Brickell’s pair of rooftop soccer fields, with real turf. You can rent the roofs out for parties, but weekly games are a regular feature.

The Underline

The Underline is an ambitious project where nature, art, and technology meet. Underneath the Miami Metrorail lays 120 acres of land getting transformed with recreational parks, urban trails, bike paths, and public art. The location is also dotted with basketball and soccer courts, running tracks, outdoor exercise equipment, and butterfly gardens, and there are even more planned amenities for the future.

Brickell Avenue

Brickell Avenue at night is a beautiful urban landscape bordered by banks, high-rises, residential condominiums, bars, and restaurants. It’s as much of a place for sightseeing as it is a place of business. It’s packed with stylish modern architecture, arts, entertainment, and fine dining, making it worthy of its other moniker as Florida’s version of Park Avenue.

Brickell Mall – The Latest in Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment

Brickell City Center mall supplies all your shopping needs and more in two residential high-rise towers and an interconnected five-story shopping mall sprawling over five acres. While the name is misleading, because it’s not the city center of Brickell, residents consider it to be the lifestyle hub of Brickell.

Brickell City Center was completed in 2016 for an estimated $1.05 billion. It was first proposed during the real estate bubble of 2000 but quickly canceled during the subsequent downturn.

Interest in the project peaked again in 2012 when enough land qualified for Special Area Plan (SAP) zoning. Construction began towards the end of the year. Residential towers and office space opened to the public in 2016, with phased retail openings taking place over subsequent years.

Restaurants and bars cater to the appetites and thirsts of busy shoppers and are a big draw for the daily crowds that frequent the location. Visitors who have shopped up an appetite can head to the third and fourth levels to take a break and relax with their favorite beverage, a quick snack, or a full-on dining experience. Visitors can enjoy the latest blockbusters with CMX, the VIP Cinema Experience.

The Brickell mall is ultra-modern and offers visitors three levels of retail therapy, entertainment, and dining. Luxury brands have a strong presence, with everything from contemporary to chic, and new-to-market products all on offer. Shoppers can fill their day browsing beauty products, home decor, jewelry, and high fashion.

Brickell Key Park

Brickell Key Park is a lovely little park just off the Miami coast. It’s a 44-acre triangle-shaped artificial island linked to Brickell Avenue at the mouth of the Miami River. A quiet stroll around the 1.2-mile walkway will take about an hour, but it’s a popular location for bike riders and runners. It’s also the best place to catch the sunrise as the sun flashes its brilliance through the Brickell city skyline.

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